Welcome to LO ANI LLC, Hebrew for NOT ME.  LO ANI is  non-profit organization who's goal is to raise the level of situational awareness and to give people the ability to defend themselves against an attack in the home,  at work and in the street. 

Safety First!

Safety First!

Safety First!Safety First!Safety First!

About Us



  •  LO ANI is a Jewish sports club dedicated to self-defense training.  While we are a Jewish club, we welcome all the Righteous Among Nations who would like to join us for some self defense training which will include Aikido, Krav Maga at a local facility or firearms training at an indoor or outdoor range with instructors and safety officers to ensure a safe and informative classes. We meet on the average once-a-month either at one of the shooting ranges in the Philadelphia area, or at a training facility, where you will learn techniques of self defense and firearms training. Qualified instructors always on hand to help us. There will be mixed and separate classes for men and women.




GUNS N' MOSES, our Sunday morning club for beginners meets for our GLOCKS N' BAGELS program on Sunday mornings. The agenda for our meetings is usually as follows:

We meet early Sunday mornings, before a range opens for the general public.  For those who are religiously inclined, the meeting starts with a prayer at 7am.  At 7:30am we have stereotypical Jewish breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, lox doughnuts, coffee etc.  Everything is kosher.  The breakfast is often accompanied by some presentation by a guest speaker.  At around 8am we start shooting/training until 10am, before the range opens for the general public. 



The cost for each GLOCKS N' BAGELS range event is $30. That covers the food, the lane rental and one firearm rental, as well as eyes and ears protection.  Ammo has to be purchased separately.  Of course, participants are welcome to bring their own firearms, ammo, targets and protection. The rental gun is still included, if desired.

If you never fired a firearm, don’t worry.  First time shooters will have an introduction to firearms in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere by experienced firearms instructors.

For further information about the club please fill out our contact form.


Rahel Pachter, LO ANI, CEO and Founder



  • Rahel is an IDF trained veteran who's goal is to raise the level of situational awareness and to give everyday people the ability to defend themselves against an attack in the home,  at work and in the street. Rahel is an ACT 235 certified agent with firearms, licensed by the PA State Police and is ASP certified.  She is certified to teach Refuse To BE A Victim anti-crime seminars.  She even offers private classes for  for children, the elderly and disabled individuals. 

Ed Dvir, VP at Golani Rifle & Pistol Club and associate trainer at Lo Ani


  •  Ed is Licensed Private Investigator and IDF veteran and brings years of experience and firearm training disciplines. He is the Vice President of the Golani Rifle & Pistol Club of NY/NJ & PA and is a an ACT 235 certified agent with firearms, licensed by the PA State Police. Ed is on the Philadelphia Sheriff Office's Active Shooter  Advisory Council. To Learn more go to Golani Rifle & Pistol Club


Grant Schmidt,  CEO of Shot Tech and Associate Trainer at Lo Ani. 

  • Grant runs Shot Tec, LLC, the safest and most fun place to learn, train, and perform in the shooting disciplines. He offers firearms simulations training, the most action packed workout, life-saving medical training, archery, air gun and pro shop.  To Learn more go to Shot Tec


Refuse To Be A Victim

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Anti-Crime seminar March 1, 2020

Place: Lower Merion Synagogue

123 Old Lancaster Road

Bala Cynwyd, PA  19004

Time: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

A portion of proceeds goes to LMS security fund.

$20 for LMS members.

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If  you have questions about our  programs, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as  soon as possible.


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